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Our Greek salad dressings are based on our house recipe! Choose from two delicious versions, both with BIG, BOLD Flavor!

Made of pure ingredients with no preservatives, our Lite product addresses the needs of a more “health conscious” society.

Our Dressing has ZERO Trans fats and is made with All Natural Ingredients! Find some ways to “spice up” some of your own favorite recipes. Use this as a dressing, marinade for meats, such as beef, lamb, chicken and fish and much more! Just say NO to artificial preservatives in your Greek Dressing. Opt for Farmer Boy Greek Dressing. Natural ingredients that add big flavor to your favorite dishes.

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence!

Look for the Red Cap, Red Label

Farmer Boy Greek Dressing “Lite”

Look for the Classic Blue Label

Farmer Boy Greek Dressing “New Recipe”

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Farmer Boy

Greek Dressings are made with natural ingredients with zero trans fats per serving.

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"Look for the
Red Cap, Red Label!"

For a "Lighter" version of our two delicious dressings choose the bottle with the Red Cap, Red Label!

Big, Bold Flavors That Can't Be Beat...

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