Farmer Boy Greek Dressing

Farmer Boy Restaurant Greek Dressing has been a favorite for many local Clearwater, Florida residents, and it’s visitors, for over 30 years!

Since 1979, when Farmer Boy Corporation was founded, and Farmer Boy Restaurant was established, the New Greek Salad Dressing served in our Restaurant, has been recently revised into two great recipes (“New” and “Lite!”)Both versions have the same big and bold flavor as our original Greek Dressing and are made from all natural ingredients. Today it is offered online to customers, and is sold at participating grocers all over the United States and Canada!

Two brothers with a goal in mind, came to the United States from Cyprus, Greece. For many years these brothers worked hard, not forgetting their loyalty to their culture and Greek food, and their desire to offer residents traditional home cooked meals.

One of the menu items naturally, was the Greek Salad, served with the Farmer Boy Greek Dressing. This dressing was the “New” dressing for all of our salads on the menu, and was offered along with the many other menu choices.

Our diners “loved” Greek Dressing not just for the flavor, but for its all natural ingredients as well as lower calories and healthy ingredients.

Years passed, and our customers expressed their desire to purchase this dressing. Some were “snowbirds” who wanted to “stock-up” for their long winters. Many were locals, who thought that our Greek dressing would make a great marinade for their at home Barbeques.

In our business, they say that the customer is always right! Today, D&C Brothers Corporation is happy to sell our Greek Salad Dressings to the public online and in your favorite supermarkets. Look for Farmer Boy Greek Dressing “Lite” with the red label and red cap, which contains fewer calories, carbs, sodium and fat. Enjoy our “New” recipe with the original blue label and blue cap, or buy online and “Mix and Match” to enjoy both recipes! Buy it online today and experience the big, bold flavors of our Greek Dressings!!

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Farmer Boy

Greek Dressings are made with natural ingredients with zero trans fats per serving.

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For a "Lighter" version of our two delicious dressings choose the bottle with the Red Cap, Red Label!

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